Glancing Forward into 2021: An Industry by Industry Outlook

Explore digital trends and unanticipated benefits engendered by the pandemic, which are likely to last in 2021.

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Industries in the Spotlight

Financial Services
Security Sector
Travel & Hospitality
Media & Entertainment

Key Takeaways

The impact of the pandemic has been far-reaching but uneven. Across economic sectors, companies have responded to it in a variety of ways: by cutting costs, increasing investment, or adopting digital innovations. DataArt, as a global software engineering firm, is primarily interested in the pandemic’s impact on IT function within select industries.

In the whitepaper, we put together the most widespread industry-specific trends that shaped business landscape in 2020 and will continue in 2021.

With the pandemic being a digital accelerant of the modern age, many companies had to become enormously flexible, ready to admit when something does not work and change course according to rapidly evolving circumstances. Digital transformations ramped up at unprecedented speed.

Across every industry, we have seen a rise in cloud adoption, increased investment in data management and analytics, automation, and greater adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

A massive switch to working-from-home mode marked a radical shift in workplace culture and the way employers structure hiring efforts amidst the “new normal.”